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Laser Tech Company Poised for Innovative Growth

The UK government’s commitment to drive science and technology innovation, coupled with increased worldwide demand for laser technology, heralds a bright future for Redwave Labs as the organisation moves into larger office space at Harwell Innovation Centre.

Redwave Labs designs, develops and manufactures electronics for optics, laser drivers and controllers and, as the market for laser technology has grown, has enjoyed strong year-on-year growth over the last five years. Now, with the government announcing its intention to publish a National Innovation Plan through the UKs innovation agency, Innovate UK, Redwave Labs is poised for even greater expansion.

Innovate UKs 2016/17 strategy is to find, support and grow innovative businesses in order to speed up economic growth, and it is this sector that Redwave MD, Dr. Dmitri Permogorov believes will be the catalyst for further growth for the business he established in 2004. He said:

“Our success has been due to investment in a world class team and technology infrastructure so that we were in a position to capitalise on the rapid growth and demand seen in the laser technology market.

“While our core business will continue to serve the needs of the multinational clients we already have, including those in defence, aerospace and academia, and continue our expansion into the US market, we are keen to explore the next step of laser technology. One area of interest is to development more energy efficient, safer and cheaper lasers for application across a wide range of market sectors and this may be where Innovate UK funding will come into its own as it offers opportunities for Redwave Labs to collaborate with other UK companies on the laser technology sector.”

Dr. Permogorov continues:

“In the past if a company, or even an individual, was considering an innovation that required laser technology the cost of this component often made the project too costly to pursue. Now with Innovate UK it is possible to apply for funding grants for large joint projects.”

“We are almost unique in providing a design and development service that covers not only design and development, but also addresses all compliance engineering aspect requirements as well as their integration in a single product. Because of this full-service offer we can provide design concept right the way through to end-of-life, as well as delivering a complete system that works.”

With business booming Redwave Labs have taken the decision to move into a 1400 sq. ft office which will serve as the worldwide head office. And the reasons that Dr. Permogorov chose to base his company at Harwell Innovation Centre in the first place still remain. He said:

“When I was looking for office space in 2004 Harwell Innovation Centre met all the company’s needs; it’s great office space on very flexible and reasonable terms in a location respected as a technology hub. Fortunately, the decisions made in 2004 stand true today and we are delighted to continue Redwave Lab’s expansion from Harwell Innovation Centre.”

Harwell Innovation Centre, located at Harwell Oxford Campus near Didcot and managed by Oxford Innovation, has just over 25,000 sq. ft. of space ranging from 100 sq. ft. to 1,700 sq. ft. Serviced offices are available to let at short notice and the centre’s flexible approach means businesses can take more space within the centre or at other local Oxford Innovation Centres, as they expand.

Sandie Alcock, Centre Manager, Harwell Innovation Centre said: “Redwave Labs is a true success story, one that we will continue to support as the organisation grows and explores opportunities for collaborative projects through Innovate UK.”

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