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Fareham Innovation Centre fantastic new wallpaper

Fareham Innovation Centre's fantastic new wallpaper

The inspiration behind the design by Mariska Parent, Print Designer

The former military training ground where the centre is built was named after Daedalus, famous inventor and craftsman in Greek Mythology. Father to Icarus, he created wings to escape King Minos of Crete. Within both designs are my ink drawings of cogs and wheels and other shapes observed from engines and machinery, reflecting the nature of businesses that occupy the offices and workshops in the centre.

Looking at the military history of the site I was inspired by the coloured ribbons on the medals received by the service men in both WW1 and WW2 and I brought this element into the design by creating coloured strips of ink within the silhouettes of Daedalus.
Business Lounge

This design shows Daedalus through the different stages of flight. My aim was to produce a design that was positive and dynamic. It represents the businesses and their journey, moving forward and upward. Again to reflect the beautiful location of the centre and its maritime link Daedalus flies over the map of the Lee-on-Solent coastline.Meeting Room

The figure is a representation of Daedalus flying over the airfield and runway, the background of the design depicts a map of the sea bed linking the site as being important to both naval and aviation history.